Our House

We found the local Tourist Information office as we entered Windermere and asked them for any accomodation. Turned out there was plenty available, but we ended up taking the first they offered us. Since it wasn't currently booked we got a good deal on the weekend (£170 for 3 nights) on a small cottage in Bowness-on-Windermere. Ideal spot for us as easy access to the lake for our fishing and also to the local pubs and clubs (more of which later).

This is Fiona - she worked for the owner's of the cottage. She was a house-keeper and held the keys for them.

She has a small guest house just down the road and she was very nice to us, we nearly went to her place for breakfast - but Steve is probably a better breakfast chef so we ate at home in the mornings.

We've arrived and unpacked - so Fiona took this photo of us.

When we told her that this was going to be on t'internet then she was impressed. Windermere is not a hotspot for the latest in technology.


What a lovely little cottage. Actually we were impressed with the place - it qualified as "compact and bijou" but considering we hadn't booked it was really nice.

Note the green sofas at the back - luckily their covers were removeable and the place came with a washing machine.

The view the other way, showing kitchen, dining area and 2 drunken bums. Yes - the Stella did last the jourey, but only just.

The stairs here lead to the master bedroom, complete with four-poster bed - no prizes for guessing who commandeered this within seconds. If you look above you will see all our luggage just dumped for the moment - except that of Kilroy as this was unpacked and in the wardrobes of the master bedroom before the rest of us had a chance to do anything. He can move fast when he puts his mind to it.

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