Lake Windermere

This year (2004 in case this is still here in a couple of years) I went on holiday with 3 friends from work to Lake Windermere, and a good time was had by all. We left early in the morning of Friday the 14th May for a weekend of fishing and fun, none of us knowing how long the drive would be or whether the case of Stella Artois would last Sam and Steve the journey.

This is my girlfriend, Winnie. She was good enough to give me a lift over to Sam's flat to meet everyone, and she was good enough to eat most of the bacon butty we all started the day with before finally flinging it. The bacon was OK but the rolls were a bit soft/stale.

Here we are, raring to go. From left to right we have Sam (in male model pose), me (very nonchalant), the X5 ( what a beast), Kilroy (the X5's owner and also a bit of a beast) and Steve (I'm not sure what he's chuckling about here).

The boys are going on tour!